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Who Buys Silver Jewelry?

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Before one can sell silver jewelry with success, he needs to become familiar with who are his consumers, what are their preferences, what are the consumer trends in these demographics, which factors can influence them to purchase, as well as what is silverpricing discounts, and so on.  Selling wholesale jewelry is a time consuming and detail oriented business which can be confounded by factors such as mode of selling, physical location, knowledge concerning the individual customer, the season, how much inventory needs to be on hand, pricing, and even weather.  Explained in this section are a number of conclusions and inferences that can be drawn by reviewing a demographic analysis of just who purchases silver jewelry and using that customer profile as a tool to garner more business in the jewelry industry; namely women, younger adults, and men are primary target audiences for silver jewelry sales.


  1. Women and silver jewelry who indulge themselves of silver necklaces, charms, watches, and all other types of silver jewelry.

  2. Younger Clientele- as silver jewelry buyers who purchase for themselves and as affordable gifts for each other.

  3. Men as husbands, bosses, and sons who purchase silver for their wives, colleagues, and family members.

Some Examples of Plum Island Silver's Choices Among Women Jewelry Buyers:

Silver with gold overlay ring with heart shape sapphire looks terrific on any woman's hand

Vermeil Rings With Gemstones

A richness and sense of style that only can be afforded by a silver vermeil ring with sapphire and cz's.

Silver stampato chain looks and feels sexy and soft

Silver Chain From Italy

Many styles of Italian silver chain look impressive and fashionable.

Silver cubic ziconia earrings which curl and fall off of the ear lobe are highly attractive

Silver Earrings With Gemstones and CZ's

CZ diamonds in the form of earrings and silver bracelets are a luxurious and affordable means of owning scintillating jewelry.



See Our Top Selling Silver Jewelry Articles For The Now Generation:

A gecko ear cuff in silver a statement for any silver jewelry buyer, young or old

Silver Ear Cuffs Available In Many Varieties

Silver ear cuffs are designed to precariously hang from the ear lobe.

A silver slip knot thumb rings which symbolizes ingenuity is a top seller

Silver Thumb Rings For Guys And Gals

Silver thumb rings with award winning styles can be teamed with silver toe rings and silver ear cuffs to make a matching jewelry set.

Silver nose studs are available in several different associated sets or groupings

Sets Of Silver Nose Studs

A silver jewelry set of three related nose stud earrings are sold on a handsome display card.



Some Examples of Plum Island Silver's Choices Among Male Consumers Shopping For Themselves:

Larger links are utilized for this men's silver id bracelet

Silver ID Bracelets For Men

Made to accommodate the larger wrists of men, a silver id bracelet gives men a sense of virility.

Men who need to wear a shirt and tie would feel completely at ease wearing the silver soccer ball cufflinks

Silver Accessories For Men

A lighthearted take on a serious set of mens silver cufflinks.

A contemporary mens ring with black onyx and silver on the diagonal

Silver Rings With Gemstones

This means silver ring with onyx can be worn on any finger and on both hands.

All material on this web-site is presented as is with no warranty, express or implied, as to the usefulness for any purpose. Use at your own risk.