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Selling silver jewelry is maximized by reaching as many people as possible, accomplished mostly by advertising.  The jewelry sales market garners much attention so it is suggested to try as many of these retail advertising strategies as possible.  Prices for targeted advertising may vary and costs can accumulate quite rapidly, so it is suggested to construct an advertising budget and track the successful as well as the less important means over the course of twelve to eighteen months, after such time, their capacity for increasing sales can be established. The ten ideas for jewelry stores to enlist are viable means to boost sales by increasing the visibility of your silver jewelry store or internet site; highlighting great customer service orientation, quality of merchandise, pricing, and rapid shipping.
  1. Business Cards- Having a professionally printed business card with you contact information is an easy and inexpensive way for the jewelry retailer to keep his information neatly and concisely for ease of ordering as well as contacting with inquiries.
  2. Newspaper Advertising-Local consumers will benefit most by the placement of an ad within the pages of neighborhood newspapers. To minimize the cost as well as sporting sufficient time for the ad to reach the consumer, ads may need to be placed for a longer duration such as two to three months or more. Placing special ads for Mother's Day jewelry, Father's Day gifts, Christmas gifts, or engagement jewelry are also a way to generate more interest in the retail silver establishment.
  3. Radio Advertising-Thirty to sixty second "spots" on the radio played throughout the day are a highly successful means of advertising.  Be sure to include your operating hours, phone number, and address as a part of the advertisement.
  4. Web Advertising-Several different scenarios such as a one time fee, a monthly fee, or a pay per click advertising system will pay dividends.  Check to make certain that other patrons subscribing to this type of Internet sales and service have been satisfied with the company before enrolling.  Additionally, pop up advertising, which appears  seemingly randomly on a page of the internet, might also provide an alternate scenario of low cost advertising.
  5. Yellow Page Advertising-Taking out an ad as small as a twentieth of a page or as large as a full page may be beneficial for both out-of-town visitors as well as jewelry customers in the local community who are looking for personalized gifts, wedding gifts, and men's jewelry, just to name a few.
  6. Bus and Mass Transit Advertising-Signs posted above the interior windows on trains and trolleys and paid advertising signs posted on the sides of buses are a wonderful means of delivering a retail advertising message about your silver jewelry company around the town and adjacent areas.
  7. Billboards-Large images of silver necklaces, post earrings, and cz jewelry are certain to captivate any onlooker.
  8. Newsletter Advertising-Purchasing an ad for a small niche market such as a garden club, a fashion show, or bridal publication may prove to be a profitable means of low cost advertising.
  9. Specialty Magazines and Publications-Generally those magazines targeted to women, teens, and travel are virtually foolproof means of increasing silver jewelry sales.
  10. Cable TV-A thirty second tv ad on a local cable station provides a friendly name and face to attribute to the silver jewelry store, making patrons more likely to frequent the store.
All material on this web-site is presented as is with no warranty, express or implied, as to the usefulness for any purpose. Use at your own risk.