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What Is Silver Jewelry?

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Silver jewelry comes in many styles, varieties, finishes, with or without gemstones or even with or without specialized designations such as enamel or pave styling. All members belonging to the family of silver jewelry have a common basis found in the precious metal known as sterling silver.  Rather than using a pure metal of 100% silver, other metals, namely copper, are added to a molten mixture of 92.5% silver in order to produce the resistant, high polish whitish metal alloy known as sterling silver. This 925 designation is often what is stamped on sterling silver rings, bracelets, earrings, charms, body jewelry, and all other silver jewelry in order to reliably note the fineness of the silver jewelry. 
Additional marks may include the country of origin, or where the item is produced, as well as hallmark stampings which are often a customized interpretation of the company of manufacture. The marking of 925 on a piece of silver jewelry assures the consumer that he is purchasing an authentic piece of sterling silver jewelry, which carries a certain panache and cache unlike other precious metals. The vast number of consumers look specifically for these markings so a retailer who advertises their jewelry as sterling silver jewelry, should be certain of these marks.  Moreover, the sterling silver designation also commands a different price point from other white metals and gold jewelry, making it easily affordable.
Stylistically, silver jewelry is like a chameleon in that it may impart a sense of age and antiquity with its  blackish coloring from antiquing, it can morph into a contemporary piece of sophisticated jewelry with the addition of gemstones or cubic zirconia, and it can also be plain and understated and worn daily like with many of the pieces of plain, unadorned and unaltered pieces of fine sterling silver jewelry within our catalog.  Additionally, southwest style and native American jewelry owes its roots to the alloy sterling silver with its traditional turquoise cabochons and more modern appearance of lapis, gaspeite, and sugilite incorporated to the centuries old styling of the Navajo, Apache, and Zuni.

Some Examples of Plum Island's Various Silver Jewelry Lines With Assorted Finishes, Styles, And Gemstones:

Gorgeous granny smith apple green gaspeite pendant set in silver

New Silver Jewelry Styles Destined To Become Classics

A gaspeite silver pendant is a new version based on old world native American jewelry traditions.

A silver bear pin is a fashion statement when worn on a denim jacket or tweed blazer

Silver Wildlife Jewelry

An antiqued finish on a silver bear pin lends itself to superior detailing and fine workmanship.

Heart shaped cubic zirconia silver earrings are priced to sell

Silver Earrings With Cubic Zirconia

The addition of gemstones or CZ's is a great well to sell the appeal of sparkling stones and colored gemstones to silver earrings.

All material on this web-site is presented as is with no warranty, express or implied, as to the usefulness for any purpose. Use at your own risk.