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Different Ways To Sell Silver Jewelry

All material on this web-site is presented as is with no warranty, express or implied, as to the usefulness for any purpose. Use at your own risk.

Now that it has been established what silver jewelry encompasses and who purchases silver jewelry, it is imperative to establish a mode of selling which best suits yourself as well as your customers.  Factors include proximity to customer base, means of communication, accessibility to a computer as well as honing computer skills, ability to interact with others, budgetary constraints, and several other criteria.  Here is a listing of eight venues and modes for selling the silver jewelry from the Plum Island Silver catalog, which incorporates and considers a number of the previously mentioned factors.

  1. Catalog Sales  Selling silver jewelry mainly by means of the Plum Island Silver catalog.

  2. Affiliate Site  A tool which allows customers of retailers to access the Plum Island inventory and the attributed pricing defined by the retailer.

  3. Traditional Shopkeeper A storefront estblishment selling silver jewelry.

  4. Third Party Sites The integration of Plum Island Silver Company, the retailer, and a third company that hosts and manges the retail site.

  5. Independent Sites  A free standing website created by the retail jeweler.

  6. Flea Markets Sites throughout the country where people gather to bargain shop and sell used as well as new items at reduced prices from retail.

  7. Home Parties An informal scheduled gathering of friends and colleagues whose focus is to purchase silver jewelry.  The party host  often receives a monetary bonus, a large discount on their purchases, or free gifts as  a means of expressing thanks for hosting such an event.

  8. Fundraising Selling silver jewelry through a school, church, or non-profit group whereby making  financial rewards for the retailer as well as the specific group.


  • Catalog Sales- Silver jewelry sales can provide the right salespeople with a respectable wage throughout the year, not merely just an additional income at Christmas, Valentine's Day, and Mother's Day.  The successful candidate will most likely be outgoing, gregarious, self-assured, well-organized, and have easy access to a great number of people, specifically women with disposable income.  Direct interaction with customers is frequent and can be rewarding, leading to a rapport building with customers which may also ultimately aid in boosting sales via a catalog order.  With a wholesale account established,  the catalog salesperson has access to helpful tools such as online product availability list which is updated daily, silver market priceproduct closeout, and weekly specials.  Additionally, seling via catalogs may require the retail jeweler to maintain some of his own inventory and stay informed about pricing fluctuations and discounts.  The silver jewelry salesman  should note that the catalog is merely a tool for selling the jewelry and he needs to be aware of fashion trends, types of silver jewelry purchased by the varying age sectors of the population, as well be considerate of all consumers from the silver  jewelry buyer who purchases a single silver bracelet to the customer who utilizes Plum Island Silver for his entire company's Christmas bonus gifts. Placing emphasis on quality of the jewelry and rapid shipping is a reliable means for customer relations building.

A Sample of Perennial Best Sellers From Our Silver Catalog Sales:

A dainty silver daisy highlights this silver ear cuff from the body jewelry collection

Silver Body Jewelry Ideas

Silver ear cuffs are one of the more traditional types of silver body jewelry.

A charming and gorgeous silver cubic zirconia bracelet revealing a rich taste for the finer things in life

Silver Bangles and Bracelets

An elegant version of a 1920's inspired silver cuff bracelet with CZ's.

A silver key ring, that is as plain as this, allows the recipient to customize it as they choose

Silver Accessories

Both men and women will enjoy a silver key ring to manage the whereabout of their keys.

  • Affiliate Site- The term "affiliate" has different meaning at different companies; for Plum Island Silver, affiliate sites are a semi-customized internet presence which includes the entire silver jewelry collection from the Plum Island Silver website, offering a  searchable means for the silver jewelry and providing an easy and quick way for the consumer to shop.  Advantages of the affiliate sites include very little capital necessary, no need to stock the jewelry as Plum Island does that for you, no high cost of renting or real estate fees since customers shop online rather than in person, and the ability to reach customers globally.  Purveyors of an affiliate site are responsible for marketing their own sites and setting their own pricing structure, which is customizable to meet the needs of the retail jeweler.  For greater details concerning the affiliate sites as well as a navigable example, please visit the normal mode affiliate site and the drop ship mode on the Plum Island Silver website where the pricing structure and the customizable areas of the affiliate sites are found.

  • Traditional Shopkeeper- Selling silver jewelry in person by means of a bona fide store front is where the majority of our long term customers started their jewelry businesses.  With the ".com boom" of the 1990's, a resurgence back to "brick and mortar" was inevitable with the glut of businesses appearing on the internet within relatively short time frame.  Long hours with frequently steep monthly rents require silver jewelry retailers of this genre to  closely monitor their costs and revenue trends as well as house inventory for immediate sales.  In person interaction along with the ability for the customer to see and feel the jewelry prior to purchasing, make this style of selling viable for those gifted with the opportunity.

  • Third Party Sites- With the ever increasing expansion of the internet, businesses are sprouting up faster than ever, giving consumers different opportunities and means for purchasing that which was once available only by mail or by in store visitation or traditional mall shopping.  The advent of third party companies such as eBay and other online marketing companies, allows the wholesale silver jewelry vendor and retailer to concentrate on the customer while another company tends to the details of management, payments, and invoicing.  Successful silver jewelry dealers are often internet and customer savvy, are extremely well organized, honest about his product line and condition of the jewelry, and are reasonably quick at shipping or have jewelry on hand for a point of purchase sale.

 Three Stellar Silver Jewelry Items With Great Track Records With Third Party Sites: 

Each silver birthstone kid corresponds to given birthstone for that month of the year

Silver Charms and Pendants

Silver birthstone babies continue to please kids and adults.

This fancy silver omega necklace is greatly enhanced by the presence of cz's

Fancy Silver Necklaces

Many of these silver necklaces contain gemstones such as amber, pearls, and cubic zirconia, imparting lifelike colorful expressions in silver jewelry.

Vermeil or two tone toe rings give a tanned apperance to the foot

Silver Toe Rings

Available in both silver and vermeil, silver toe rings dazzle and thrill throughout the year, not merely during the summer.

  • Independent Website- If you prefer to craft your own independent website for silver jewelry, that is also a viable option with sizable dividend potential.  One needs to be well versed on Internet services and technologically savvy about computers and website design. In the event that those requirements are something that you lack, a number of reasonable and reputable companies are available to help you in building your dream website.  Extremely well organized people will lend themselves well both to the jewelry selling aspect as well as the website concerns of this type of business.  Utilizing both a website and catalog sales  and  direct advertisments as a means of bolstering silver jewelry sales is also a very viable option, they are not mutually exclusive and actually work extremely well together, insuring the greatest number of contacts within various demographic sectors.

  • Flea Markets- Once viewed only as a location for  left over garage sale items, flea market appeal has caught the US by storm and patrons visits flea markets nearly as much as they frequent shopping malls, according to a recent survey.  New items, overruns, and antiques share the top money-making spots at flea market booths along with jewelry, affording plenty of opportunity to sell to every walk of life.  Armed with this information, an intelligent silver jewelry salesperson offers a variety of silver jewelry and from low priced silver rings to mid priced silver chain to the more expensive silver with gemstones.  Moreover, he would also benefit from selling silver body jewelry most often worn by the teens to the more mature silver connoisseur who would be more likely to purchase a silver pin, a piece of amber jewelry, or even a long silver chain. Generally flea markets are open only late in the week and through the weekend so someone considering selling at flea markets will need to consider little free time on weekends.  Availability and cost for space at a flea market is highly variable and further information may be sought on flea market websites relegated to this topic.

  • Jewelry Parties- When one thinks of home parties for silver jewelry, you must think outside of the box.  Successful jewelry home party hosts and hostesses invite 12-50 people to the home whereby they serve light refreshments, play smooth and soft music, the silver jewelry party manager shows samples, passes around catalogs, and takes orders for silver jewelry from the group on hand.  This relaxed and informal atmosphere calls on the resources of friends for jewelry advice, all while socializing and relaxing. Often, the jewelry party host or hostess will receive free gift or a substantial discount for hosting such an event, making it well worth their efforts.  Anyone interested in selling by this means should be attentive to details, including times and dates, able to multi task, consider themselves a "people person", all while making sales and answering questions from inquisitive potential customers and maintaining a handle on silver pricing and trends.  Historically, the demographic best served by this mode of selling silver jewelry are women from the middle class to upper middle class who have disposable income and have a tendency to indulge themselves unabashedly.

 Silver Jewelry Party Staples To Success:

This ruby colored cz is so realistic that it will take a gemologist to tell whether it is a real ruby or cubic zirconia

Silver Rings With CZ's

A beautiful collection of clear, colored, and fancy cubic zirconia which highlight the silver rings.

A geometric triangle pattern offers a sexy silver chain pattern

Plain Silver Necklaces

This group includes many styles and fashions of silver necklaces which are without any gemstones or major adornments.

Synthetic tanzanite and opal add a glow to this silver bracelet

Fancy Silver Link Bracelets

Gemstones may be a part of these stunning silver bracelet fashions.

  •  Fundraising- Making available a select number of jewelry items targeted toward a small demographic of our population is a successful strategy for fundraising with wholesale silver jewelry.  For example, retailers interested in targeting school fundraisers would choose items both that young students might express an interest in as well as their parents.  Church fundraising may include more articles of religious jewelry, and  a specialty sports team may include extra items that reflect the enthusiasm of that sport. Different pricing schemes are available, depending on what works best for the two engaged parties. The more traditional magazine-like catalog, online affiliate website, and the Plum Island website are all viable tools which will assist you along this journey, if that is your desire.  Church groups, sports teams, and any group or affiliation which needs to easily raise money would find our program as an asset in assisting their company with their revenue stream and fund raising management, such as educational fund raising or non-profit fund raising.

All material on this web-site is presented as is with no warranty, express or implied, as to the usefulness for any purpose. Use at your own risk.