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Gemstone Necklaces

Silver necklaces may be as simple as a silver collar or as ornate as glittery and ostentatious marcasite necklace inspired by the golden age of the 1920's high society. Chain styles with silver gemstone pendants are plentiful as are marcasite jewelry featuring black onyx or pink mussel. Southwestern jewelry influenced by the presence of liquid silver or heishi and turquoise is extremely popular, specifically in shorter silver choker lengths as is the amber beads and amber cabachon, which offer up a softness and close tie to organic materials, uncharacteristic of gemstone materials.

What are Gemstones?

We in the jewelry industry often refer to gemstones, but do people really know what gemstones are? Gemstones are naturally occurring, inorganic, homogenous substances with a definite physical structure and a defined chemical composition. They are historically a by-product of geologic processes either weathering, volcanic activity, metamorphic activity which includes intense heat and pressure, and sometimes by means of existing rock interacting with hot liquids from the inner core of the earth. There are, however a few exceptions to the inorganic aspect of the definition namely, pearls, amber, synthetic gem materials are those created gem stones whose properties are identical to their natural counterparts, which are found in geologic environments in the earth, and not manufactured in a laboratory.

Within the pages of our catalog, are vivid and colorful gemstones, both natural and man-made, which include but are not limited to:

  • Amethyst - a purple transparent variety of quartz
  • Garnet - the grape to strawberry jelly colored gemstone which is a by product of metamorphism
  • Quartz - or silica dioxide, is the most common gem material on earth
  • Turquoise - a typical component of southwest jewelry whose color ranges from a light green to a mid sky blue
  • Fresh water pearls - round beads to rice shaped off-white to white in color with a characteristic pearly sheen and luster
  • Blue Topaz - icy glacial blue clear stone with a range of color from very pal blue to intense cobalt blue
  • Amber - the petrified remains of pine sap from prehistoric trees
  • Abalone - rainbow colored patches of blues, greens, and purples are often used in identifying this gem material
  • Black Onyx - opaque jet black in color which polishes to high luster and fashioned generally as a cabachon