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Major Divisions of Sterling Silver Plain Rings

An elephant, shrimp, heart, puzzle, and friendship all have something in common, do you know? If you give up, the answer is they are all represented in the plain sterling silver rings section of our catalog. These seminal examples are representative of 17 major divisions of silver rings, unembellished by any gemstones or cz's, and among them are:

  • Silver band rings, these bands can be as plain as a high polish silver wedding band, to an ornate and highly detailed contemporary silver band. Other examples include the silver etched wedding band, also called engraved wedding band, and the silver heart band.
  • Celtic rings, this grouping of Irish influenced jewelry is defined by a very specific group of details, namely, frequent antique finish, twisted knots comprised of silver beading and rope design, curved and intertwined design work, and interspersed triangles as part of the knot design scheme. A separate sub group within the celtic rings are the claddagh ring, which is the irish friendship ring featuring the heart, hands, and crown styling.
  • Silver free form designs, a grouping of amorphous styling and geometrics, and unconstructed silver design work such as SR-2304.
  • Silver filigree rings offering feminine styles with their open weave and lacey design for example the SR-2299.
  • Silver puzzle rings, a specialized grouping of silver band rings which entertain the wearer with the games associated with unlinking of the rings bands.
  • Religious jewelry highlighted by the cross rings and angel ring.
  • Animal jewelry showcasing silver rings depicting animals such as butterfly rings, silver horse ring, silver spider ring, elephant ring, and the snake ring.
  • Fancy silver bands, silver bands that offer a specialized design such as the zodiac rings, dolphin band, and the red enamel heart band.
  • Two-tone rings and vermeil rings are those rings which are partially overlaid with 14k gold, two-tone, and fully engulfed with 14k overlay, which is called vermeil.
  • Enamel rings, an arrangement of various ring styles with enamel accent work, like the SR-2271, shamrock band.
  • Signet rings are engravable rings for men and woman and typically are engraved with a person's initials.
  • Silver spoon rings employ the scrolled, fancy, tops of sterling silver eating utensils to form a ladies' ring
  • Men's silver rings, styles like eagle rings, Indian head rings, the men's silver claddagh ring, and larger, heavier styles more suited for the male of the species.
  • Silver wire rings are smaller silver rings crafted from silver wire, generally for children. These rings are generally knotted or looped in a specialized way and are frequently worn in multiples.
  • "Talking rings" are silver band rings with a special message or text along the edge of the ring like the love ring.
  • Silver poison rings which provide a "secret opening" to hide a note or lock of hair, or a dab of perfume.
  • Silver dome rings with a semicircular curved arc, with plain or high polish finish.