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Note: This enhanced drop shipping service is optional and not required for basic drop shipping accounts.
One of the most important concerns of many drop shippers is item availability when they enter an order. We are introducing two new exciting drop shipping programs to address this very issue, the *STOCK* and *RESERVE* systems.

While we make every effort to keep all items in stock all the time we cannot guarantee that an item will be available for you. The *STOCK* system allows you to pre-purchase items and have them available exclusively for you. The *RESERVE* system allows you to reserve a target level of inventory for your use for a 50% deposit of the item costs.

In the *STOCK* system, as you place drop ship orders your stock level goes down and the item is shipped at no cost since you have already purchased the item (shipping and drop ship fees still apply). If you decide to not use all of your *STOCK* items a credit will be issued for the remaining items less a 20% re-stocking fee. You will receive a daily email report detailing your stock status and amounts paid along with an excel spreadsheet attachment of your stock data.

The *RESERVE* system allows you to reserve items for a 50% deposit of the item costs. When you place a drop ship order for an item that is on reserve, you will be billed the full amount of the item when it ships since in most cases regular Plum Island stock will be used. If your order requires the use of your reserve stock then our system will automatically replenish your reserve stock as soon as possible. The *RESERVE* system will strive to maintain your full reserve level to be in-stock but the system does not guarantee item availability 100% of the time. A daily email *RESERVE* report will detail the guaranteed level of stock available for the next business day. The *RESERVE* system makes it very likely that items will be available as we are maintaining a higher level of inventory to meet your marketing needs. If you decide to cancel your *RESERVE* items, we will refund your initial deposit as soon as your reserve inventory is returned back to our regular inventory, but no later than 60 days after cancellation of the reserve level. You will receive a daily email report detailing your stock status and deposits paid along with an excel spreadsheet attachment with your stock data. As an example, if an item has a cost of $10 and you reserve 10 of them you would pay a $50 deposit. Your reserve level would ideally remain at 10 pieces providing a buffer if our regular stock is low or out. Your reserve may dip below 10 pieces but our internal ordering systems will automatically schedule your reserve to be replenished as soon as possible.

The *RESERVE* system is useful for those wishing to sell an item on a regular basis. The *STOCK* system is less complex and useful for selling items for a limited amount of time or for selling our weekly specials or closeouts that are only available for a limited amount of time.

There is a one-time $50 setup fee to use the systems and the fee entitles you to use either or both the *STOCK* and *RESERVE* systems.

To place an order for inventory for either system you must create a permanent shipping address in your online address book with the nickname of *RESERVE* or *STOCK* (make sure to INCLUDE an * at the beginning AND end of the nickname). The nickname field is located at the top of the address entry screen and is often left blank but must be used in order to create a *RESERVE* or *STOCK* order. An order placed using either of these saved specials addresses will automatically invoke the *RESERVE* or *STOCK* system for you. The first time either system is used, a billing of the $50 setup fee will be generated. Do not mix a regular order with a *RESERVE* or *STOCK* order.


Do NOT begin selling items until you receive your email stock report showing that your reserve or stock levels have been met.

We hope these new systems will be helpful for you. Let us know if you have any questions or would like to provide feedback or suggestions for future enhancements to the system.