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Categories of Jewelry Displays

The jewelry displays listed within this area of the Plum Island Silver catalog can be further broken down into more specific categories such as:
Point of Sale Displays-Which include earring racks, bangle displays, ring cases, jewelry trays and velvet inserts

Jewelry Tools and Miscellaneous-Ring sticks to measure the size of rings and size of the finger, dumbbell tags to facilitate pricing and jewelry cleaner and polishing cloths to keep silver jewelry sparkling and clean.

Jewelry Gift Boxes-Such as white cotton-filled jewelry boxes, velvet jewelry boxes and fancy jewelry boxes for that special someone

Silver Findings-Like our silver lobster claw clasp, silver earring backs, silver heart extender and the handy silver split ring and jump rings.

Black velvet bust displays fancy and plain silver necklaces and chainsPoint of Sale Jewelry Displays

Point of sale displays are designed to assist the retailer in making the silver jewelry from Plum Island Silver look most appealing and prominently show off all of the defining attributes of the individual silver jewelry item. A standard jewelry tray can accommodate either a gray silver insert or a 72 ring foam, depending on the use. For a smaller space, there is also available a ring tray and foam for 24 rings or 36 rings, depending on the size of the ring collection of silver rings one has for sale. Silver bangles and cuffs fit snugly within a bangle box or they can freely dangle from a bangle bar display. A special plastic earring rack, the UTL-48 provides essential free standing space for dangle earrings or silver posts which can be easily removed from the display when the earrings are shown on either a small or large earring display cards. Velvet pad inserts can be used to house silver chains, silver charms, and pendants which affix easily to the velvet by means of silver u-pins. This velvet insert can then be placed within a plain jewelry box or stand upright with the help of a acrylic easel. A specialized black velvet bust board designed to accommodate varying lengths of silver chain can be found with the UTL-33.

Ring stick is a must tool for anyone selling silver ringsJewelry Tools and Miscellaneous

The retail jeweler must capitalize on his physical surroundings to afford his silver jewelry the best lighting situation and physical layout, and also perform any necessary duties that he deems important enough to close a sale. Jewelry tools and accessories can frequently aid in the process of making that all important silver jewelry sale. Often times, a silver ring sale may be dependent on the correct ring size available at the time that the customer is within the confines of the store. For this reason, a ring stick is a necessary accessory for the retail jewelry as are the small ring size strips which conform to the customer's finger and denote the exact ring size. The cleanliness of the silver jewelry and the customer's ability to maintain the high polish look of a new piece of sterling silver jewelry is imperative and can be performed by using the silver polish, the dip cleaner, in which the silver jewelry is immersed in a special liquid, and non-tarnish strips along with a few educational words to the customer about what kinds of environmental factors can retard or expedite silver tarnish.

Blue cobalt velvet fancy gift boxes for all of the extra special silver jewelry purchasesJewelry Gift Boxes

Silver jewelry is an eternally revered gift for birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, or any special day, yet its presentation to the lucky recipient can greatly influence the extent to which it is worn and cherished. Cotton filled gift boxes like the UTL-18 are an affordable means of presentation for a pair of silver gemstone earrings, a special silver charm, a lightweight silver link chain, and flexible silver bracelet, or even a silver ring or a fancy silver pin. The larger square UTL-19 affords more space so that a bangle bracelet, a silver cuff, a larger silver link chain, or larger silver pins, charms, and silver pendants can all have a appropriate housing for the lucky person. For more substantive gifts, the marble jewelry box such as UTL-57, 58, and 59 respectfully, provide a fancy and colorful means of accenting the silver contents of these boxes, giving rise to a compelling gift. For the most luxurious silver jewelry gifts, Plum Island Silver stocks cobalt blue velvet gift boxes in four distict sizes, shapes, and inserts which specifically are suited for silver earrings, charms, silver bracelets, rings, and necklaces; these can be found in the catalog and listed as UTL-51 through UTL-55.

Silver french wire specialty silver findingsSilver Findings

Not unlike other industries, the silver jewelry industry has its share of specific topics and terms for all items which comprise a silver jewelry piece. Often these tiny silver parts, or findings, can become lost, broken, or frail and need replacing. At Plum Island Silver, several of the most common silver findings are stocked in order to make way for a quick and painless repair process for the customer. Among these silver findings are: