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Silver Jewelry Terminology and General Information Page 1

For the purposes of assisting customers who are new to the jewelry industry or may be unfamiliar with silver jewelry, basic information about the Plum Island Silver jewelry catalog contents are listed below.
Topics Include:



ANKLETS- These 9-10 chains for the ankle area of the foot may be relatively plain like the BR-2345 or ornate like the BR-1929 and also contain gemstones like the BR-2313 or silver charms like the BR-441. 


BODY JEWELRY- A class of silver jewelry popularized by the younger generation of teens and young adults, this grouping of silver jewelry consists of non-traditional styles such as:

  • Ear cuffs which are whimsical styles of fairies, SC-7 or lizards, SC-104, and other styles which hug the ear as a means of staying fashioned to the ear.
  • Belly clips that cling to the navel, like the bali style belly ring and belly rings like the SC-117.
  • Thumb rings such as the SR-1136 which is continuous, complete circle and the SR-2779 which is a style thumb ring.  Thumb rings are available in a one-size-fits-all sizing scheme.
  • Toe rings are worn with open toe shoes or sandals, generally during the summer, and are available in several designs like the multiple turtle ring and the SR-1657. Toe rings, like thumb rings, are available in a one-size-fits-all sizing scheme.
  • Arm bands are bracelets worn on the upper arm as with the BR-2744 and the baroque style of a few others.
  • Nose studs which are a 3 piece combination studs for the nose, like the flower styles and SC-115 with heart and two other designs.
Not just for the summer, anklets are worn throughout the year
The simplistic silver chain is offset by the chimes and silver flat heart on this silver anklet bracelet.
An expression of love, this hugs and kisses toe ring is a super sellerThe familiar and everpopular hugs and kisses toe ring expressed by the symbols of "x" and "o".

BRACELETS  - Major categories included in the catalog:

        Chain bracelet-The lengths of womens bracelets are 7- 7.5, mens bracelets are generally 8- 8.5, and childrens bracelets are traditionally 5.5. Historically,l mens chain bracelets styles include but are not limited to magic, figaroa, curb, and cable chain bracelets.  Womens styles include the same as the mens but generally they prefer thinner to medium gauges and also include some of the fancier styles such as wheat, snake, box, bead chain, and rombo chain.  

         Bangle bracelets- Which slip over the wrists, or open and close to accommodate the circumference of the wrist, like the BR-541.

         Cuff bracelets- These are curved bracelets which cover approximately of the wrist such as the BR-2194.

         ID bracelets, which include an engravable area as on the BR-144 and a specialty bracelet is the BR-2619 which denotes a type of medical condition and is termed a medical id bracelet, often with a red enamel medical symbol known as the caduceus.

        Link bracelets in which the links are specialized shapes, such as the BR-2560, antiqued fairies, and the san marco style, BR-1699, are always popular styles.

        Toggle bracelets so named for the type of closure like the BR-682 and the heart and toggle bracelet, BR-2571.  While the toggle refers to the type of clasp, it has also become an accepted term for a bracelet bearing such a clasp.


CHAINS - A table of typical lengths of silver chain and the variety of people who would normally wear them:

When selecting a chain from the catalog, the naming convention is such that the style of chain is first, followed by the gauge of the chain, and completed by the length of the chain.  Gauges for chains are generally not an absolute means of quantifying a thickness, but rather a relative means to express the width of a chain.  For example, a fig-050 chain is smaller than a fig-060, which is smaller than a fig-080 chain, etc. Most often, lighter and thinner chains are finished with a spring ring, as pictured on these box chains, and medium weight to heavyweight chains are completed with a lobster claw clasp.  For a full listing of clasps specific to each style chain, please see our section of chain styles and clasps elsewhere within the catalog.


CHARMS - Charms are silver representations of ideas, characters, animals, or words which are designed to be worn on a charm bracelet or on a necklace or silver chain. Most charms are finished by hanging a jump ring at the top of the charm so that it can hang from one of our silver chains. The charm collection is arranged within the pages of the catalog as well as the website by general theme such as hearts, sports, and sea life.  Some charms may be colorful due to the enamel finish, such as the CH-2966 or the color maybe be imparted through a gemstone or cz like with the CH-727.


CHILDRENS JEWELRY - Several varieties of silver jewelry are available for children, specifically 5.5 link bracelets and id bracelets, like the BR-2179 and baby bangle bracelets like the BR-1619, diamond-cut baby bangle.


COLLARS - Most collars are shaped silver wire, most frequently worn by women with a silver slide, charm, large pendant hanging off of it or simply without any additional silver neck jewelry. The silver collar stays on the neck by lying flat around the neck and on the collarbone area. Generally the collars are an incomplete circle of silver, rounded or flat stock wire, with the two arms of the collar ending near the back of the neck.


EARRINGS - Major categories of earrings include:

  • Post earrings- Which are various styles of fashion earrings that fasten to the ear by means of a silver post and a pair of earring backs, for example the EA-342 and EA-1084 with its multiple hoops. which are classic silver post earring styles.
  • Mini post earrings- These include very small light-hearted motifs on a silver post and fastened by silver ear nuts, such as the mini dolphin post earring, EP-55 and the silver flower earring, EP-74.
  • Hoop earrings- Generally, these curved tubular silver designs, like the EA-739 and the EA-420, tubular endless hoop, are available in different thicknesses of silver tubing as well as  a diverse range of size diameters.
  • Dangle earrings- Describes any style of earring that moves freely by means of a lever back, question-marked shaped french wire as with the EA-11 heart earring, or plain wire design, like the EA-2869.

Many of these styles may have gemstones or cubic zirconia accents to infuse color and a sense of opulence and style.  All earrings within the catalog are sold as pairs, however, the retailer may choose to mix and match or sell single earrings if he so chooses


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