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The 6 (six) month image usage license entitles licensee to use images for purpose of marketing products to be purchased from Plum Island Silver.

Image and data usage is strictly forbidden on the following: international domains
amazon webstores
sears marketplace

Use of images and data is limited to a maximum of three url's owned by the licensee and one external marketing channel such as ebay.

Redistribution or assignment to other persons or businesses of the images and data feed files is strictly prohibited.

In consideration of the license, the licensee agrees to pay Plum Island Silver Company the license fee to use the images for a period of 6 (six) months from date of license payment. The license fee entitles the licensee to any new images that Plum Island Silver releases for use in the "Image Collection".

The content of the "Image Collection" is determined solely by Plum Island Silver and in general contains a sub-set of thumbnail images of products sold by Plum Island Silver.

Any modifications of Plum Island Silver images by the licensee become the property of Plum Island Silver. Upon termination of the license agreement, the licensee will discontinue use of any and all images, modified or original, in any form and provide Plum Island Silver with a copy of any modified images.

The license may be terminated by Plum Island Silver with 30 days email notice to the email address of the licensee at the solo discretion of Plum Island Silver.

Failure to pay the license fee within 15 days of the due date will automatically cause the license to be immediately terminated.

Any disputes arising between the parties will be settled by arbitration in the state of Massachusetts, USA.

This license agreement may not be assigned without our express written permission. This license agreement is binding against the licensee and the licensee’s successors and assigns.