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While there is much written about the history of Celtic jewelry, there are many interpretations as well as numerous conflicting explanations.  What has been accepted from the many studies and historical reports is that the modern styles of Irish jewelry, which includes claddagh jewelry and celtic designs, are very closely linked with the ancient styles of the barbaric clans of the medievil centuries, specificallly the Huns, Druids, and Celtic clans of what we know as modern day Europe.

A Few Examples of Celtic Clan Inspired Designs In Silver

A  silver celtic band for men is stylish and handsome.A prime example of the intertwined loops and sprials tradionally found in Celtic silver jewelry.
Classic claddagh designs are seen is this silver celtic pendantThe hand, heart, and crown accented claddagh silver pin with celtic scroll and design work, reveals fine workmanship with a high polish finish.
Click here to view larger image of p 20748 br 730 sterling silver 7 celtic link w garnet braceletAn infusion of old world styles with today's modern celtic designs as seen in this Celtic silver bracelet with garnets.
These clans, who lived nomadically and existed as hunters and warring tribes, were inexorably associated with nature and specifically the seasons.  Much of what they could accomplish was dependent on nature, weather, and daylight; to this end, they paid tribute to these influences of nature by making symbols on their swords, shields, clothing, and even on their bodies.  Such symbols include the following and have been incorporated into today's modern style of Celtic pendants, claddagh rings, trinity knots, and Irish Jewelry:
  • Continuous circle as seen on the midsection of a traditional Celtic cross, representing eternity, and more specifically the concept of a divine being.
  • A singular spiral which is extended conveys the concept of good fortune and prosperity as seen on the CH-1260 or with the EA-244 Celtic earring.
  • The sun was a highly spiritual and revered concept and was symbolized by a tight, small spiral, representing a winter sun, or by a larger, more loosly fashioned spiral depicting the summer when the sun's influence has a seemingly greater presense, like the celtic knot, CX-216 and the BR-655 silver gaelic jewelry bracelet.
  • Interlocking knots as seen with the SR-2321, silver celtic band, the EA-1318 trinity knot earrings, and the CH-3143, interlaced knot charm, are references to everlasting and eternal constucts, and ultimately, God.
  • A specialty type of irish jewelry known as a claddagh or claddah ring, which symbolizes, love, friendship, and loyalty with the heart, hands, and crown respectively.  Although the claddagh was originally utilized as an Irish wedding band or friendship ring, it has since lost some of that significance and been used for designs of silver pins, charms, necklaces, as well as bracelets and pill boxes.

The Celtic jewelry listed in the Plum Island Silver Jewelry catalog is available throughout the year and not merely for St.Patrick's Day celebrations. Like the other silver jewelry products within the site, they may be ordered directly from our print catalog or website, via one of our affiliates, or sent directly to the end user via drop shipping.  No matter which mode of ordering silver jewelry is chosen, our customers can rely on some of the fastest service in the industry through our post office and UPS shipping services, superior customer service department, and generous exchange and return policy.