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Heart Pendants

A everlasting symbol of love, the heart continues to outsell almost any other silver charm or silver pendant in our wholesale sterling silver jewelry catalog. Puffed hearts that are three-dimensional, flat heart charms, engraved heart charms, open heart pendants, and the traditional heart locket are all available within the pages of our charm catalog. Here are a few of the many styles that we have in stock:

Silver Chains and Heart Charms

A silver heart pendant as well as silver heart charms require a sterling silver Italian chain or bracelet on to which they can be shown-off for all to see. Many of the charm bracelets within the Plum Island Silver catalog elevate the status of the heart to the height of acclaim, specifically by placing the heart in a prominent location on the silver bracelet or on the silver earring, silver pendants, or other piece of heart jewelry. Some examples of this phenomenon within the catalog are:

Please visit the chain and bracelet sections of the Plum Island Silver catalog to choose your selections today. Here is more information concerning the lore and mystique of the heart, which continues to outsell many older designs as well as cutting-edge styles.