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Enamel Charms

Our enamel charms are depictions of everyday life with color adding flair and spice for each an everyone of us. Children's jewelry, novelty charms, and animal charms are a few of the sub categories in this treasure trove of silver pendants. Some samples in the enamel charm category include:

Enamel Jewelry and the Process of Enameling

Enamel jewelry is a trendy variety of silver jewelry with colorful painted accent. The process of enameling involves pigments of solid glass particles which are heated to extremely high temperatures, in excess of 1600 degrees Fahrenheit. This molten glass is then poured onto the silver jewelry (or other metal), and kept within the confines of boundaries so as to produce a desired design or motif. The process of adhering the molten glass to the piece of jewelry is known as annealing. The article of jewelry is slowly cooled and then buffed to a high polish finsish. Colors of enamel available range from muted hues to fiery and intense bolts of saturated colors. The variety and the intensity of enamel color affords another dimension to the the piece of silver jewelry, giving it depth and beauty.