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The origin of silver earrings dates back some 5000 years for the fashion statement and piece of jewelry known as the earring. Generally worn in pairs, the concept of earrings and how they are classically adorned on the ear lobes hasnt deviated far from the primitive middle Eastern people who were the first known culture to support earring fashion. Archeological evidence suggests that the hoop style of earrings were the prototype from which all later styles were fashioned. Variations over several centuries altered the way in which earrings were pieced or seated on or in the ear, all while the styles of silver earrings remained relatively constant until the Greeks added gemstones like sapphire and ruby to the earrings. These high-fashion adornments were thought to reflect status for well-to-do women of 200 a.d. Greece.

As hairstyles, hats, head accoutrements, and clothings styles evolved and fell in and out of fashion, so went the sojourn of the earrings. Long and luxurious hairstyles as well as Elizabethan collars of the 1500s discouraged women from wearing earrings as they be would be masked or hidden, however, with shorter and less ostentatious hairstyles, earrings made a resurgence back into fashion and have remained there for several centuries. Most likely, the earliest examples of earrings were made from stones, sticks and other earthy accessible resources. As with so many other evolutions, as humans progressed through the millennium, so did the art of earring structure, fashion, and manufacture. Metals such as bronze, gold, and silver have been important to the advancement of earring development as they are malleable and able to be rolled into sheets for easy cutting and fashioning.

While earrings have been traditionally been worn by women and girls, the social constructs of the late 20th century became accepting of males wearing earrings, although female earring wearers currently outnumber males by a large margin. Another change in earring evolution has been the accepted practice of wearing a single earring, intentionally wearing of mismatched earrings, and for the free-spirited jewelry lover, there are those who sport multiple sets of pierced earrings all along the outer cartilage of the ear.
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