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Silver Jewelry Drop Shipping Program Terms and Conditions

**Please note: The selling of our products on, is strictly forbidden, as we sell direct to these marketplaces**

Our drop shipping program is highly successful and reliable. The following details of the program will ensure the highest level of service and performance for drop shipping silver jewelry from our warehouse.
Activating Drop Ship Mode
To convert your wholesale account into a drop shipping account you must email us at before using the service. Do not attempt to drop ship any packages until you receive email confirmation that your account has been converted.

Drop ship fees will not be charged for packages that ship to your own location although we must have that address on file in our in-house system. Email us any addresses that you use to ship to yourself.
Our backorder system will notify you when a missing piece of silver jewelry or other item from an order arrives back in stock. Backorders are not sent automatically, you must reply to the backorder email to request that a shipment be made. All backorders that are shipping via First Class Mail will be given a $1.00 reduction in shipping fees for the backorder shipment. You are still responisible for all drop shipping fees associated with your account. You are required to select the HOLD BACKORDER option on the checkout screen for each order that you want backorders held on. It is highly recommended to use this sevice to ensure that your customer will receive their merchandise in the most timely fashion. If you would like your account to automatically hold a backorder, please email us at to request this service at no additional charge.
Out of Stock Items
Although our silver jewelry inventory system is very accurate there may be occasions where an item is not available when your order ships. In this case we will ship your order as is without notification to you unless the order is shipping UPS-RED or PO-EXPRESS (postal service express mail). In this situation you will be sent an email to the email address on your account at the time the order was placed. The email will detail the missing items in your order and request that you call us at 1-800-543-7177 or 1-978-499-8203 by 3PM EST if you do not want the order shipped. If we do not hear from you by telephone, your order will shipped as scheduled with missing items.
All orders that are NOT shipping via an overnight express service (UPS-RED or PO-EXPRESS), will be shipped as is without notification to you. You will receive an end of day shipping notification detailing each order shipped. You are advised to use our back order services to enable you to fulfill your customers order at a future date.
Telephone notification service is available for express shipments for an additional $0.25 drop ship fee per express shipment. If this option is selected a customer service agent will call your main contact phone number on your account to alert you of the missing item status. Only one call will be attempted and a message will be left if an answering service is available. The additional drop ship fee will apply to all express shipments regardless of whether call service is required.
All returns from your customer must be returned first to you. We do not accept returns directly from your customer. Returns are accepted for items returned in new and un-used condition in original packaging.The standard 15 day return policy for Plum Island Silver wholesale accounts is extended by 10 days to a maximum of 25 days for a 5% re-stocking fee for returns postmarked from 11 to 25 days from date of invoice. All returns postmarked more than 25 days from date of invoice will be subject to our normal return policy as detailed in our standard terms and conditions.
Packing Slip
All shipments will be made with a packing slip that has your name listed at the top. The address shown will be the billing address transmitted with the order. A standard 10 day return policy is listed under your name and address with instructions to send all returns within 10 days to that address. Customized packing slips are available for an additional fee, contact for more information and pricing.
The packing slip contains no pricing information and simply lists the items of silver jewelry shipped and the quantities shipped. An email invoice will be sent to you for each package shipped detailing the exact shipment details, costs and tracking number.
Package Label
The address on the outside of the shipment will have your address shown by default for packages shipped via the US Postal Service. For packages shipped via United Parcel Service by default our PI Corp return address will be shown. In order to have your return address appear on packages shipped via UPS you must register your own UPS account with us. In order to register a UPS account with us you must fax the first page of your UPS statement to us (fax to 1-978-499-8208).
The initial return address used for your account is the default billing address on your account at the time you requested your account to be converted to drop ship mode. All return address are subject to review and revision for potential security vulnerabilities. Any words in the return address that would indicate the package contains jewelry of any kind will be removed or abbreviated. If you need to make a change to your return address please email us at and we will update your account.
Package Insurance
All packages are shipped insured and included as part of the shipping and drop ship fees.

International shipments are subject to a liability limit of $100 for Plum Island Silver. We will purchase additional insurance for you through at the rate of $2.00 per $100. If needed, we will file a claim on your behalf but non-payment of claim by is your responsibility for any amount over $100.
Package Tracking
All packages have delivery confirmation services included. Please note that delivery confirmation from the US Postal Service is NOT a reliable tracking service and often only indicates when actual delivery is made.
Lost Packages
Packages that do not arrive in time to your customer are not the responsibility of Plum Island Silver. Replacement shipments must be made at your expense. Claims for lost packages will not be honored until 30 days (60 days for shipments outside the US) after the expected delivery date has past. After the 30 day (60 days for shipments outside the US) has past and the package shows no further delivery or tracking movement a full refund will be made of the original order, shipping and drop shipping fees. Drop shipments outside of the US are subject a maximum of $100 insurance coverage per package.
Massachusetts State Sales Tax
All orders drop shipped to Massachusetts will be charge 6.25% sales tax as this is considered a retail sale. The 6.25% sales tax will be added to your order total.