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Necklaces with Cubic Zirconia and Necklaces with Crystals

Cubic zirconia jewelry imparts panache, sophistication, elegance, and opulence, owing much to the properties exhibited by cubic zirconia. Among these features, are:

  • Fire, which refers to the bright flashes of light emitted by moving the cubic zirconia in bright light
  • Brilliance or the degree to which the diamond or cubic zirconia sparkles
  • Dispersion, which is the phenomenon of rainbow colors expressed when a diamond or cz is moved in bright light

Cubic Zirconia Colors

One of the more intriguing and positive aspects of cubic zirconia is that is available in a plethora of colors, shapes, and sizes which can be easily and readily manufactured in large quantities. This is diametrically opposed to the natural counterpart, the diamond, which takes, millions of years to create, typically available in limited colors, and the size is historically very small in relation to the cubic zirconia.

Pink cubic zirconia and clear cz's are typically the most common varieties, however cubic zirconia are available in an unlimited number of colors and intensities of color. Lab created stones are a multi-million dollar a year business and are not limited to merely cubic zirconia. Other types of man-made minerals or gems include, moissonite, chatham emerald, and a host of others.

Tennis bracelets, plain bezel set pendant, cubic zirconia rings, and marcasite jewelry are the the four most significant categories of cubic zirconia jewelry within the pages of the Plum Island Silver catalog.