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Cubic Zirconia Pendant and Crystal Pendants

The cubic zirconia pendant area of the Plum Island Silver catalog is blessed with glorious colors and combinations of cubic zirconia jewelry; among these pieces are birthstone baby shoe charm, beaded children with CZ's, cross charms, fairy pendants, sandal charm with cubic zirconia, and over 250 others from which to choose. Some of the more prominent pieces of pink cubic zirconia jewelry other colored cz's includes:

Crystal Pendants

Several individual pieces of sterling silver jewelry contain accent stones made of crystal, austria crystal, or glass, for example the CX-121 cross pendant. These are materials that are made to simulate the real gem in some way, possibly color, charcteristics of light refraction, durability, or symbolism. For example, the austria crystal stones were manufactured to make available colorful gemstones, but at a reduced cost from genuine gemstone jewelry.

Glass jewelry was originally designed for the same reasons as austria crystals, however, it was often not revealed to the consumer that the material within the silver jewelry was not authentic gemstone, often times giving the term "glass" a poor conotation. Sea glass collecting has inspired a recent new variation of glass jewelry by incorporating water-abraided sea glass within the design of the individually jewelry article.

Crystal jewelry has become synonymous with natural crystal points, frequently a variety of quartz, either clear quartz, milky, rutilated, aventurine, or amethyst. These crystal points are typically hung from a silver chain by means of a silver bezel which wraps around the non-pointed end of the crystal or loops off the top of the crystal point top.