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The silver "collections" at Plum Island Silver offer an alternative way to view our on-line catalog. The entry point is a broad-based collection such as rings or cz jewelry. If one were to enter into the rings collection, all of the rings within the pages of our catalog will be had, from plain silver rings, to marcasite rings, rings with gemstones, enamel rings etc. There will however, be significant overlap within these collections as there are rings which also contain cz's, for example as well as silver pendants which may possess a strong children's theme as well as a mystical aspect, such as a fairy charm.

For some clients who prefer the more hierarchical approach to navigating our site, the alternate method of entering the catalog instead of using the collections grouping, is to simply click on a specific family or category of items, which are further broken down into sub-categories. An example of this is the sterling rings category which, if chosen, brings up a screen which describes the sub-categories of marcasite rings, plain rings, rings with cz's and crystals, and rings with stones. This second method of entry allows the client to easily hone in on what specifically he is searching for, by eliminating that which is extraneous for him. Either way, the catalog is a wonderful, specialized, and dynamic tool, constantly garnering the attention of our webmasters as well as providing for new items of interest or expanding your existing silver jewelry case.