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Meaning of Silver Rings

While silver rings often are worn as an aesthetic experience, they sometimes afford more than just good looks and jewelry for the finger. Silver rings are associated with deeper meaning than clothing, hats, or other accouterments. Some men's ring symbolize association in a particular guild or order, like a masonic ring, or affiliation with a motorcycle group. For the younger clientele, silver thumb rings may reveal membership with a gang or religious sect. Women who wear silver rings on the finger next to the pinkie on the right hand, are often making a statement of independence, both emotional and financial, frequently after a divorce. A signet ring worn on the pinky of single woman, may offer a clue into her sexual orientation. The most widely recognized meaning of silver rings is the silver wedding band worn on the finger next to the pinky on the left hand. This location of the wedding ring, provides a location which is in direct line to the heart, the quintessential, universal symbol of love. For further reading see this site on the web.