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Evolution of Our Plum Island Silver Catalog

The catalog for Plum Island Silver has changed over the course of time to accommodate purchasing trends and requests from our customers. Originally, the early catalog contained less than fifty pages and included pre-printed wholesale pricing. With feedback from our customers, our second generation silver catalog was available with and without pricing so that our wholesale silver customers were able to use the catalog for their retail silver sales. Internet presence was the next big leap with online ordering and browsing, although the printed catalog is still the choice of many of our clients. We now offer a one-hundred plus page catalog with triple keystone pricing in order to conserve paper and print a single hard-copy catalog. The internet site allows for easy browsing, on-line ordering, and drop-shipping, for those who are computer savvy and prefer the ease of ordering. No matter which venue you choose, we still pride our self on our personalized service, attention to detail, and quick response to inquiries as well as shipping deadlines. The name "Plum Island" refers to the barrier island off the coast of northeastern Massachusetts, whose pristine beauty, abundant wildlife, and scenic coastline furnish an imaginative and positive influence for the emergence of this silver company of the same name.