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Silver Collars

The silver collar is a unique piece of silver jewelry with an extensive past. A vehicle for an outstanding piece of silver jewelry or worn solely for its statement of simplicity, our silver collars have mass appeal and elegantly showcase any silver pendant. Examples of this line of silver jewelry include:

  • Round silver collars with closure like the NK-276
  • NK-677 a hammered version of a sterling silver collar necklace
  • A "V" or chevron silver collar, most often worn unembellished, NK-799

History of the Silver Collar Necklace

The Egyptians were the purveyors of the collar necklace made famous by Nefertiti, King Ramses, and King Tut some 50 centuries ago. Gold was the metal of choice, however, the metal was secondary to the accoutrements enriching the specific piece of jewelry. The choice of stone, glass, earthly by-products and other materials were highly symbolic and deliberately chosen to convey feelings, ideas, wishes, desires etc. Color was extremely critical in Egyptian jewelry, connoting, power, lust, desire, and even death. With a keen belief in the afterlife, Egyptians crafted jewelry for many occasions, including a celebration of death and burial.