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Charm Bracelet History

Prehistoric man utilized rocks and stones and fashioned them into carved pieces, crafting the first charm bracelet some 2500 years ago. It is suggested by archeologists, that these charm bracelets were thought to ward off predators and bad spirits. The ancient Egyptians incorporated charm bracelets into their bevy of goods that they would take with them when they died and traveled on to the "afterlife". The middle ages soldiers historically incorporated charms onto their belts as a means of keeping them safe from tyrannical warriors. During the late 19th century, Queen Victoria inspired an entire nation by wearing a charm bracelet and lockets, housing pictures of the royal family and donning charms depicting family crests For the first time, these charm bracelets served little purpose outside of adornment and fashion, setting them on their way fast becoming a jewelry rage. By the first World War, soldiers returned or sent back memorabilia, often in the form of a small trinkets which were placed on a bracelet by loved ones back at home, awaiting their safe return. During the 1950's, it was customary for girls to received charm bracelets, just prior to the teenage years. They would decorate their charm bracelets for any special occasion, such as prom, birthday, etc. The latter half of the 20th century still continued with charm bracelet popularity, however, they were no longer relegated just to young girls, but rather everyone. The charms found on today's charm bracelets may offer a theme such as varying sports, grandchildren's birthstones, or simply an amalgam of different interests.