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Bracelets were established early in man's history as a means of warding off undesirable predators, animals and other undesirable humans. Their origins date back some 12,000 years whereby Neolithic man fastened pieces of rock, bone, animal hides, and stones as a means of resisting these enemies. The Summerians were the first to incorporate bracelets as a part of their fashion around 2500 BC. Later the Egyptians added gemstones to the bracelet designs and incorporated the revered snake into their metalwork design. Bracelets were first worn and popularized by men, however little brachium or "brace-lettes" were developed to fit the smaller, more diminutive female arm or wrist. The term, bracelet is a derivative of the latin word "brachium", meaning arm, denoting the placement of where bracelets are worn on the body.

Like other modes of cultural norms, bracelets have fallen in and out of fashion throughout the millennia, generally correlated with time periods in which clothing styles were less cumbersome and ostentacious, or where weather was warmer, affording the person an unencumbered arm onto which a bracelet could be worn. More interesting reading on the history of the bracelet can be found at fashion era, jewelry paideia, or nilestone. For further research and reading here is information concerning the history of jewelry and a bibliography concerning that topic, please click here.
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