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Toe Rings

Silver toe rings are available in seductive and enticing varieties. They, coupled with a finely detailed pedicure, garner attention for the foot, which is often overlooked. The genres of silver toe rings include:

Toe Rings Paired with Traditional Rings

The designs and choices of the traditional rings and the toe rings within our catalog is intentional; a variety of ring sets can be had with a quick glance in the catalog, namely:

  • SR-537 banded antiqued silver toe ring creating a set with the SR-438
  • SR-901 plain band toe ring coupled with the SR-50 ring for the finger
  • Silver rope toe ring, SR-1134, and the SR-2313 ; and the moon and star SR-1237 teamed with the SR-1498 moon and star ring

The combination need not be an exact match to be in vogue; one ring can be a star ring the other can be a moon ring, a claddagh ring with no stone can be teamed up with a claddagh ring with a gemstone, and a flower ring with antique finish can be paired with a flower ring with high polish finish. The combinations are infinite, let yourself have loads of fun creating jewelry sets with our silver rings.