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Thumb Rings

Most rings are designed to be worn on the fingers of the hand, however the sterling silver thumb ring is a specialized ring solely for the purposes of showcasing the thumb. While it may seem strange and unorthodox to wear a ring on the thumb, some 17th century cultures adopted the thumb as the location to wear a wedding ring. Some of our styles include:

  • SR-1138 which depicts a slip knot made of silver and fashioned into a thumb ring
  • SR-537 antiqued braided band for the thumb and is 3/4 of a circle.
  • Almost any of our band rings from our catalog which fit the thumb, can also be utilized as thumbs rings. Here are just a few examples, but there are over 100 more listed within the pages of the catalog: SR-2317, SR-2337, SR-2310 .

Historical Significance of the Thumb Ring

The finger on which a ring is worn has carried significance in many cultures and through many eons of time. Of great significance were the thumb rings worn by medieval men who utilized a bow and arrow. These thumbs rings protected the thumb against injury when the bow was pulled back and released. The Chinese used the rings to identify military ranking and the size of the ring was directly proportional to the significance of the military ranking. Europeans fashioned thumb rings to denote profession or guild association, not unlike a Mason's ring of today. In palmistry, or the study of the lines on the hands, the thumb symbolizes willpower, and free thinking. Today's thumb rings have lost affiliation with any of the aforementioned associations, and they are now relegated to merely adorning the thumb for fashion and style.