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CZ stud earrings and silver earrings with crystals accent our line of enticing banana post earrings of unique body jewelry. Curved in such a manor as to resemble a stud earring that curls seamlessly up to the bottom of the earlobe, these illusion earrings add color, uniqueness, a sense of trend setting fashion as well as a second matching cz or crystal to complete the banana post. Best sellers within this bracket of body jewelry are the EA-2104 clear banana post, EA-2107 blue double dolphin banana post earring as well as the EA-2113 which has a bezel set clear cz with flower figure. All of these banana posts are alluring choices for the younger gals who may also wear our other types of body jewelry including anklets and tiny nose studs.

What makes an earring desirable?

Several criteria are considered when manufacturing silver earrings and one that is of great importance concerns the degree to which the earring is attractive to the largest number of people. The greater the attraction, the better the chances of the earring creating fulfilling and successful sales. Here are some of the criteria that we consider at Plum Island Silver before any earring is commissioned by one of our manufacturing plants:

  • Broad appeal - Our goal is to suit as many people as we can with our earring choices. Most of the lines of silver earrings at Plum Island Silver have mass appeal, however a few target certain sectors of the population such as the banana posts for the young teen girls and and the marcasite earrings for the refined, mature woman.
  • Quality - We strive to insure that our sterling silver earrings are of the best quality, free from imperfections and manufacturing defects. Moreover, we attempt to offer the best quality gemstones within our gemstone jewelry for the price points of our collections.
  • Long range projection - The majority of our silver earrings have had a long standing tradition as maintaining their fashion and design throughout time; this is a key concept when considering an item for our catalog as we are discriminating about "flash in the pan" items. We may offer innovative designs, however, they would not become a part of our catalog proper until their sales were justifiable to our marketing managers.
  • Post versus dangle - Crafting decisions such as post earring versus dangle earring versus french wire earring or stone earring versus plain earring; these decisions are made in conjunction with jewelry designers and manufacturers who have years of experience in the industry and keep abreast of new trends in order to serve us best.
  • Finishes such as antiqued, high polish, diamond-cut, like with the previous criterion, these decisions are left up to the input of the Plum Island marketing group as well as manufacturing jewelers as they are the reliable experts.