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Belly Clips

Worn solely along the perimeter of the navel, belly clips are for the proud, unabashed, and animated teen or twenty-something who enjoys exhibiting their body and drawing attention to oneself. Our silver navel jewelry is a true testament to the shameless and brazen folks who feel at ease with having their mid drift exposed with a silver belly clip onboard. Other types of navel body jewelry require piercing, leaving one exposed to health concerns, however the belly button ring at Plum Island Silver requires no such exposure. While the population who are wearing these items lack no boldness, the design of the belly button rings is relatively sedate with a strong influence from bali jewelry, like with the SC-32 or the SC-93.

Significance of Belly Clips and Navel Jewelry

The blossoming of the body jewelry movement has engendered changes in fashion. Long duster coats, black make-up including lipstick, and nail polish, have now become commonplace with those who adorn themselves with body piercings. We at Plum Island Silver have made a conscious decision to refrain from articles of body jewelry which may cause a health hazard such as chocking or the possibility of a serious infection. Some of the items which we do not carry inlclude, eyebrow piercings, labrets, tongue piercings, erotic body jewelry, nipple piercings, and other items that may also be offensive to some of our clientele.