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Nose Studs and Arm Bracelet

The silver tiny nose studs are a specialized collection of silver stud earrings designed for the piercing of the sides of the nose. These nose earrings, historically worn by teens and college students, are sold in groupings of three related concepts, specifically:

  • SC-113 which is comprised of a heart, floral, and round nose piercing stud and the SC-115 Round, heart and solitaire design
  • BR-1498 is a unique arm bracelet and falls into the body jewelry category as it is worn on the upper arm and not on the wrist.

Types of Nose Jewelry

Nose stud earrings are not the only type of jewelry relegated for the nose. Other types include:

  • Nose screws - which affix to the ear by means of a threaded post
  • Nose pins are a post which pierces through the nose and sports a hook which curls up through the bottom of the nose
  • Nose hoop, which is just like a hoop earring but designed for the nose.
  • There are a number of sites which describe the details and history of nose piercings, however, here is a site describing a detailed book about nose piercings.