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Silver Anklets

Simply put, silver anklets are bracelets for the foot and were conceived to draw attention to that area of the body. Most silver anklets are 9"-10" long in contrast with bracelets which are generally 7" - 8 1/2" in length. The concentration of silver anklets at Plum Island Silver are represented by:

Bathing Wear Fashion and Anklets

Of great influence to the jewelry industry are the interrelated topics of clothing, style, fashion, and social norms. Since anklets owe their inception and rampant appearance at beaches in the United States and Europe, they are the topic of conversation when speaking about the history of the anklet. Societal norms have become such that "less is more" when speaking of fashion, with beach wear clothing leading the charge. Bathing suit styles began to change drastically beginning in the 1920's and are even sited as one criterion concerning increased skin cancer rates. With fewer garments worn at beaches and the smaller size of those articles of clothing, the more important that jewelry, specifically anklets became, as more of the body was exposed. Sales of silver anklets have historically been greatest at tourist and beach localities, however, in the past five to six years, geographic proximity to an ocean has proven to be immaterial.