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Animal Charms

A revolution in our ways of thinking has led to a revolution in the treatment of animals. Advocates participate in fund raising events and charities for our four-legged pals, and in doing so have created a market niche of animal jewelry for our animal fanatics. We at Plum Island Silver possess an earnestness concerning better treatment of animals and provide fiscally for a number of animals organizations. In deference to a number of endangered species, as well as common household pets, we proudly offer a distinctive line of silver animal charms and animal pendants, among these are:

Animal Welfare

Rescue organizations for animals and multitudes of societies concerning defending wildlife, have imparted a loud and compelling voice that will no longer be silenced. There are literally thousands of organizations and affiliated societies and whose missions include the health, welfare and ethical treatment of animals and among them are Farm Sanctuary, Friends of Animals, World Wildlife Fund, and Coast to Coast Dachshund Rescue.

We at Plum Island Silver offer financial assistance to a number of these organizations so that they can carry out their goals for the betterment of earth's creatures. Each of these organizations endeavors to strengthen the bond between animals and man, which has been eroded by human insensitivity and lack of planning for posterity. With education, patience, outreach, and financial health, these societies can thrive and even flourish, leading to increased awareness about species, how we can coexist with them, and also provide for their future.