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Silver Pins

A wide variety of styles, colors, gemstones, and subjects encompass our silver pins collection within our catalog. The neutral color of silver lends itself well to a host of vibrant and contrasting colors that bring out the best in the pin, specifically:

While jewelry designers develop most of the styles of silver pins, input from famous people and celebrities often influences their styles and choices..

Silver Pin Marketing and Style Influence

Some of the styles of famous brooches and pins date back to the 1920's during the halcyon days of lavish lifestyles of the affluent as evidenced by this marcasite salamander pin peppered with diamonds and gemstones.

The Darya-i-Nur Diamond is a part of the Iranian crown jewels and is a substantial diamond set as a pin, weighing between 185-196 carats.

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis owned a pin depicting a scarecrow and was set with over $100,000 worth of gemstones. This pin was duplicated in sterling silver and manufactured in great numbers in the 1960's.

Vintage marcasite pins by Harry Winston with color, class, and cache. Hair pins and hair jewelry designed in marcasite is also illuminated on these pages.