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Silver Pill Boxes

Carrying medications in a silver pill box communicates information about the person, namely his eye for detail and beauty as well as social status and possibly his heritage. Our silver pill box styling ranges from the sublime PN-518 pill box focusing on marine life to the PN-516 and PN-517 which underscore the finer points of the celtic design. Two plain silver pill boxes, like the PN-404 oval pill box and the square embossed sterling silver pill box, rank highly in sales at Plum Island Silver. For more information about the details of the silver pill box...

Design Work Pill Boxes

Details of the silver pill boxes can reach beyond the obvious outstanding features of the box. Some of the silver pill boxes open and close by sliding on and off of the bottom half, while others incorporate a hinge to open and close the box tightly. Specific boxes such as the PN-407 exhibit a raised type of design work, imparted from a rolled-on tool in the silver manufacturing process, whereas the PN-518 styling is accomplished through intricate hand-tooling by a jewelry designer. The antique finish is a result of a chemical added at the tail end of the manufacturing process, just as the high polish finish of the PN-404 owes its mirror-like finish to a series of buffing and polishing wheels.