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Money Clips

A wallet presents a man with a place to carry his hard earned cash. An alterative and more alluring means to accomplish the same function, is the silver money clip. Many of the styles are a reflection of the interests and passions of the man sporting such a piece of silver jewelry, namely:

A money clip is necessary since our monetary system is based on a paper dollar and not a coin. Here are some facts regarding the production of making currency and some significant dates to remember..

Facts Concerning Making Paper Money

  • Martha Washington is the only woman to appear on US currency and that was on $1 silver certificates from 1886 and 1891.
  • Approximately 38 million pieces of paper currency are manufactured by the US Treasury daily; the older and worn notes are removed at a similar rate.
  • Silver money clips would have little or no use if our monetary system were based on coins.
  • Life expectancy of paper bills is a function of their circulation and denomination ranging on average from 18 months for a single dollar bill to 9 years for one hundred dollar bills.
  • The first currency was printed in 1862 as there was a shortage of silver and gold coins with the onset of the Civil War.