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Miscellaneous Silver Accessories

Silver watches have historically been a sought after commodity and ours are no exception. They all are available with a one year warranty and are battery operated. The silver tooth fairy box is available in two styles, a simple oval and a teddy bear design. An alternative use and name for the tooth fairy box is a hair curl box. A number of other items in this bevy of silver items includes:

  • Silver extender with silver puffed heart pendant, UTL-60; allows for bracelet or watch extension
  • Ladies stampato watch, highlighted by a mother of pearl watch face
  • Silver rosaries, among these include the virgin mary and the rosary, with different styles

While all of these items are inherently beautiful and attractive to look at, they also have a pragmatic side to them...

Uses for the Silver Accessories

Each sterling silver accessory bears with it a history and practical use. The silver dog whistle emits a high pitched noise, which is audible only to canines. This can be used to train the dog and have him return to his owner safely. The silver rosary beads, or prayer beads, are largely utilized by several religions to count prayers, meditations, or devotions. Our silver boxes, when used as a tooth fairy box, acts a place for a child's tooth while awaiting a visit from the "tooth fairy"; When used as a hair curl box, the function changes to a longer term location to keep a lock from baby's first visit to the barber or salon. Watches are used to maintain timeliness and signify the change in date on a calendar.