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Silver Key Chain Jewelry

Our key chain jewelry is functional as well as fashionable. Not only do the ball key rings serve to maintain semblance and order amongst the family keys, they also impart a cache beyond the split key ring styles that predated them. Crafted with two silver beads on each end, the key chain is accessed by unscrewing one of the silver balls, adding the keys, and then tightening the threaded silver bead. Some of the more notable types include:

  • PN-523 engravable key chain with engravable circle in sterling silver; A plain ball key ring like the PN-577
  • The engravable silver key chain, PN-524, with its engravable silver heart charm

While keys are small in physical size, their implication is rather substantive as their history demonstrates...

A Brief History of the Key

Since the begriming of recorded history, man has incurred a need to secure his articles and acquired items from intruders. The first locks and keys date back forty centuries to ancient Egypt. The Greeks furthered the initial idea of the Egyptians by adding more wood and metal, which afforded added protection. Romans were the first to construct a key prototype that resembles something similar to today's modern key. They were elaborately decorated with intricate designs and sometimes fashioned in a miniature form and fashioned into rings.

In the late 1500's a tumbler with numbers and symbols were added, as well as the overall design was altered to obscure the keyhole as an added level of protection. The 19th century brought about great strides in the lock and key industry when Linus Yale Jr produced a double lock, fortified enough to be utilized by banks.