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Hair Clips and Silver Barrettes

Silver hair clips and silver barrettes are designed for women with longer hair styles. Than are used to fix hair into a bun, alleviate hair from falling into the eyes, and to pull hair successfully to the side so that it can be braided or styled further. Our styles include silver and pearl barrettes such as the PN-583 and PN-584. These styles incorporate baroque pearls as well as round white pearls along the framework of a silver barrette. Our simpler all silver barrettes employ an etched design and an antiqued open weave design.

Silver Hair Jewelry

Silver hair jewelry serves the purpose of maintaining order to the head for those with longer hair as well as making a fashion statement about yourself. Early prototypes of hair accessories utilized natural twigs and stones, prior to the advent of precious metal jewelry. Tie backs, ribbons, and clip closures became fashionable in the 1500's and are still a statement of fine elegance and grace today, although shorter hairstyles are the favored style of today.