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Comprised of a post and a fancy head, our silver cuff links serve to maintain the closure on the cuffs of men's shirts and women's blouses. Others styles of closure include screw-on types, a dumbbell style, and the ever-popular flip-hinge styles. Our Plum Island catalog pages contain several types of the men's silver accessories that first became popular by the upper class in the 1600's and adopted by the common populus beginning in the late 1700's. Cufflink popularity was reached sometime between 1920 and 1960, with only a fraction of cufflinks being produced today in comparison to their heyday. Our styles include silver soccer cuff links, black onyx cufflinks, and classically designed silver square cuff links which can be engraved or left as high polish silver. Silver on only one type of material from which cuff links are fashioned...

Cufflink Materials

While our catalog depicts silver cuff links, there are other materials from which cuff links are fashioned. Among them are gold cuff links, denoting such specific types as bear cuff links, golf cuff links, and knot cufflinks. Platinum, which is more highly valued than gold, can create elegant and refined cufflinks in jewelry-quality metals. Other metals which are becoming increasingly popular are titanium and steel, frequently augmented with inlaid onyx or other stones. Wood is also another material that is used for these functional sleeve closures, although more so in the United Kingdom, then in the United States. Bakelite, faux pearls, plastic and natural gem materials can be used to create the actual cufflink or to embellish them with color and creativity.